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The Use of Machine Learning in 5 Industries in a Franchise

The Use of Machine Learning in 5 Industries is impacting the Franchise Industry.

Written by Xiomara Overman-Firma, CEO from ActiV International Trade Services C.V.

The exciting changes in the Digital Area we are in, has many new benefits for several Industries in the Franchise Industry.

In this Article I give you a few insights how Machine Learning is already paving a new path for the Businesses in 5 different Industries.

The Franchises become more efficient and maximize internal and external Communication.

🔶️ Machine Learning in Hospitality Industry

We could already see increased Guest Experience improvement with Machine Learning.

It has improved the Speed in which the Client is attended online with a more personalized experience

🔶️ Machine Learning in several Industries with a Franchise Model

The Franchise Marketing Budget can be used in a more efficient way by the use of Machine Learning to know which Marketing Channels convert more Leads into new buying Customers.

🔶️  Machine Learning in the Financial Industry

The Financial Industry has applied Machine Learning in Fraud Detection. Fraud us one of the fears not only of the Customer but also the Financial Service Executive keeps awake at night. 

Several Startups have created several essential solutions to take care of Fraud Detection in an effective way.

🔶️ Machine Learning in the Restaurant Industry with a Franchise Business Model

The use of Machine Learning has certainly provided excellent results with it's implementation in Inventory Control and Restaurant Management

🔶️ Machine Learning in the Construction Industry

The Construction Industry has used Machine Learning perfecting Project Designs by its use to improve Spaces in the Construction Design.

The result is a Project that fits the Customer's need and has an extended Life Cycle.

We have several Franchise Development Programs where Machine Learning is added to enhance Business Performance.

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Written by Xiomara Overman - Firma, Strategic Procedures Management Specialist, Franchise Broker and International Motivational Speaker

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