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The Top 5 Hard Skills that are the Future for Entrepreneurs and Franchisors

Written by Xiomara Overman - Firma

Franchise Coordinator for ActiV Business Development Services

The Entrepreneurs and Franchisors are in a constant race specially with the several challenges and daily decisions.

It's essential for the CEO and Founders to continue their Learning process and develop specific Hard Skills in order to run their StartUp and Business successfully.

That's why my Article is about how to define which Hard Skills you need to focus on with your StartUp and the 5 Highly in Demand.

The Hard Skills you need depends on:

  • Your StartUp / Business / Franchise and Product 

  • The several skills from your current Team or Staff Members

  • Which Hard Skills you need to have as the CEO / Founder in order to guide your Team 

Do you know that investors are also interested in both Hard and Soft Skills from the CEO and the Team? 

The Hard Skills are the Skills you develop in order to be able to create your Product / Service together with your Team and Co Founder.

The Team relies on the CEO to guide them and the decisions about the several processes in the Workspace.

The 5 most important Hard Skills highly in Demand for a CEO and Franchisor alike are:

● Technical Skills

● Computer Skills

● Financial Literacy

● Marketing Skill

● Data Analysis Skill

The good news is that you can follow Online Courses and read Books to acquire the Hard Skills needed to make informed decisions.

The difference between Technical and Computer Skills is that with the Technical skills you are able to supervise the product / service and with the Computer Skills you are able to set up the Workflow for the Team you work with.

It is equally important if you've a StartUp in the Food Industry or a Retail Store in a Shopping Mall.

Digitalization is the future, that's why it's important to develop both skills to stay competitive and be able to guide your Team successfully.

Do you need guidance in developing a Study Plan Strategy for You and Your Team?

Send a text message on WhatsApp +5999 6973095 for more information.


Xiomara Overman is an International Speaker who specializes in Business Process Development incl. Franchise Model Development.

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