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The best kept Secret about Market Fit

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Written by Xiomara Overman - Firma

In just one year we have seen a swift in all what You may have used in Your Branding to fit Your Market

That's why we've seen what may have worked in 2019 or years before, is already obsulete!

That's why know about the Best Kept secret about Market Fit makes You go a few steps ahead of the competition

Do you know that Markets are always swifting depending on several factors?

Do You know what controls the swift within each Market? Yes, the masses have complete control

How to know when the tide is high or low in the market?

That's our main focus with the next One Hour Juicy Compact Masterclass on the 20th October

The Markets are in a constant evolution based on several factors and the knowledge when and what to look for to see if Your Product still fits the market is crucial!

You will receive several Handouts handy for Product fit evaluation

This is a Masterclass at a low introductory fee that offers You the Keys to open the Vault to the Best Kept Secret about Market Fit

Sign up HERE and receive more info by email on the 12th October

See you at the Masterclass!

Written by Xiomara Overman - Firma

She is specialized in Strategy and Procedures Management, Franchise Consultant, Franchise Coordinator and an International Speaker

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