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The 5 Most Used Sales Triggers in Client Acquisition

🔶️ The 5 Most Used Sales Triggers in Client Acquisition 🔶️

Written by Author Xiomara Overman from ActiV International Trade Services and ActiV Business Development Services

"Wow, have You seen that BOGO offer from the Veronique Online Store? You will certainly LOVE that pair of Jeans that You will get with that offer!" says Jeanna to Manda and send the image through WhatsApp while she wrote the WhatsApp message 🎯

Just a few clicks later and both Jeanna and Manda bought the BOGO offer from Veronique online store (note: it's an example 😉)

This is just an illustration of Triggers that immediately got a response and got 2 sales in less than 5 minutes!

This is an effective Ad Campaign that Triggers the right buy buttons with success!

However the truth is that get a Buy Now button as the Trigger is NOT what Triggered the Buy decision from Jeanna and Manda

This is how I want You to see through the eyes of a Customer

It is not easy to do, but with asking the right questions when You plan Your Pricing Strategy with Your Marketing Campaign will make a difference

What Triggers the Response for an Effective Client Acquisition Campaign?

There are more than 50 Secret Triggers, but I want to only mention 5 Most Used Triggers in this Article.

Are You Interested to know how to identify the Right Trigger points for Your Marketing Campaign?

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You may have read several books about Sales, but not many of them talk about How to Set Up a Marketing Campaign that Triggers the Right Buttons with Your Customers!

Let's get to the First Trigger button today

  • The First Trigger in this Article if done correctly will certainly be the one that triggers Your Customer to click the Buy Button is Surprise!

In order to use the Surprise Trigger effectively you need to have done Your Research based on what and when to use this Trigger

  • The 2nd Trigger when used too much is unfortunately uneffective at most Stores is Discount

You see at some Stores the Store Manager thinks that every customer is looking for a Discount which isn't always the case!

This happens most of the time because they haven't taken time to know who their Customers are and what their expectations are.

  • The 3rd Trigger is organize GiveAways on Social Media which is highly effective if it has a Follow Up Strategy with it

What we often see is a GiveAway Campaign when the Winner is announced, there was no Follow Up Strategy linked to what happens with all the Participants that participated in the GiveAway which is sometimes discouraging for the Participants.

  • The 4th Trigger is Natural Products. Customers that are attracted to a Brand that reflects their love for everything which is Organic or that makes them feel they are contributing to a noble cause.

The Nature inspired trigger needs to be a careful strategy based on Truth. The right way is to get a Certification that shows that Your Natural Product complies with the International established norms in order to make a stand with Your Brand or only sell Products that already have the Certification and is the right one.

  • The 5th trigger is New Experience. This trigger is perfect for when You've a New Product or Brand to enter a Market.

This is exceptional and important to plan the when and where to start the Campaign based on several external factors.

The New Experience needs to trigger the right Target Group, that's why knowing Your Customers expectation is very important.

Most of the triggers in this Article could be applied to Franchise Businesses who have a clear view who are their Customers and the Geographical area they are in.

For the Businesses interested in a Franchise Business Model it's extremely important to have a clear view of their Franchise Business Marketing Plan and their Target Customers in order to create a Marketing Strategy that is successful for their Franchisees in their Geographical area.

Would you like to know more about the 40 Sales Triggers that consist of 3 Types of Triggers that are part of the Customer Journey?

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See You in the "Set Up Your Marketing Plan for Explosive Sales Online Course"

Written by Xiomara (Margie) Overman from ActiV International Trade Services C.V.

She is specialized in Franchise Model Development, Business Processes & Procedures and Motivational Speaker

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