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● The 3 Ways Business Landscape is Evolving in 2024

● The 3 Ways Business Landscape is Evolving in 2024

Written by Xiomara (Margie) Overman, CEO from ActiV International Trade Services C.V.

In order to specify the Evolving Business Landscape, the best is to start with “If you look at history, innovation doesn’t come just from giving people incentives; it comes from creating environments where their ideas can connect.” from Stephen Johnson.

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The 3 Ways the Business landscape is Evolving in 2024

There are 3 specific ways we see innovation is playing an important role in the Evolving Business Landscape.

The 1st way we see that innovation is not merely the use of technology, but it’s about combining existing industry specific characteristics with new characteristics that have a differentiating component in the business landscape.

It can add just one characteristic that has a different outcome and create a new Vertical channel in an existing Industry.

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The 3 Ways Business Landscape is Evolving in 2024

An example we can see with the ice cream product Ben & Jerry’s. Check them out Here.

They were able to come up with a differentiation in their industry.

The 2nd way to turn things around in Your Industry is to look at what is obvious and make it look new by breaking the standard rules and establishing a new rule with Your Product or Service.

You may say, that sounds simple, but how can we do that without being over budget and being accepted in the market?

It is about being ingenious by breaking a Rule and at the same time entering a New Industry.

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The 3 Ways Business Landscape is Evolving in 2024

The 3rd way is to explore which technological advances could be of an evolution in Your Industry

A great example is the use of Quantum Technology to be an innovator in several fields including the Supply Chain Industry.

The transition in 2024 is opening new exciting opportunities that makes evolving Business Landscapes a new goldmine in several industries.

Have You considered one of the 3 mentioned ways to be disruptive?

Which one would You choose to be able to have a steady vertical channel?

ActiV International Trade Services C.V. is always on the lookout for new Tech Trends with exciting innovative landscapes.

Contact ActiV International Trade Services C.V to partner with you to create new exciting concepts that will energize Your Business Model and create New Verticals in a new Industry.

Bio: Xiomara (Margie) Overman who is specialized in Business Process Management and Business Operations Management.

International Motivational Speaker

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