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The 3 Golden Opportunities when Your Business Reaches the Plateau Level

Written by Xiomara (Margie) Overman 

CEO from ActiV International Trade Services C.V.

CEO from ActiV Business Development Services

How exciting when You start Your business, Your Vision and you see monthly growth in Sales and Cudtomers.

It’s after months of tweaking your Business Model you finally see that you’re finally out of the Start Up Phase and you’re finally going faster in the Entrepreneurial Journey.

It is definitely a 5 Level Growth Level Journey with Plateau being the Last Step on the Entrepreneurial Ladder that I will focus on in my next Article.

The risk of staying too long in the Plateau level is loss of interest from Customers and stay complacent for

many years without even noticing that Your Business is not prepared for Future challenges anymore.

Which are the Characteristics and Warning Signs when you hit the Plateau Level in Business?

  • There aren’t need to reach out for more customers, because you’re making a steady 4 months in a row the same amount in Sales which is the amount of Profit you feel comfortable with.

  • Customer service are accepted by the Customers without complaints in about 6 months

  • Your Sales Team are reaching their targets without the need to do more to attract new customers

  • You as the CEO or Founder feel stuck, like You and Your Board of Directors are without the clue why the Sales aren’t improving

  • Your Customers don’t show more interest in other services or products you’re offering, they are buying the same products or service for 4 months or years

  • Your Brand recognition came to a halt. People aren’t interested in your Brand anymore.

■ Those are the most important Warning Signs when Your Business hits the Plateau Level.

It’s time to start a New Curve as soon as You see those Warning Signs.

The Next 3 Golden Opportunities I’m focusing on today is Your Key to Open New Door.

■ Each Characteristic mentioned in this Article involves more than one Department in Your Business.

There are certainly more than 3 Opportunities that arise when Your Business hits the Plateau Level.

The 3 Golden Opportunities I will focus on are the following:

  • The 1st Golden Opportunity is the Trend Opportunity that opens new channel to bring in new Customers

  • The 2nd Golden Opportunity is Customer Experience. This Opportunity is a new Channel that will help Your Business be on top of mind with your current customers.

  • The 3rd Golden Opportunity is to Add a New Growth Channel to Your Current Business Model. One Channel that is creating new Growth and new Expectations to bring Your Business to new Growth Level is a Franchise Business Model.

The 3rd Golden Opportunity is the most exciting one which brings the following benefits to your Business:

Extra Capital

● New Customers

● Brand Recognition

● Steady Growing Revenue with Growing Profits

You may ask how is the best way to include a New Channel to Your Current Business Model?

We at ActiV International Trade Services C.V. are innovative and have Scalable Channel Service which offers exciting New Business Growth opportunities.

● Fill in our Contact Form by clicking HERE we will send our Calendar Link so we can have a 20 minutes Introductory Virtual Meeting.

● It’s time to get out of the Plateau Level and enter New Growth with a New Channel in 2024.

Reach out by filling our Form HERE and partnering with us to achieve new Growth Level in Your Business

Bio: Xiomara Margie Overman is specialist in Innovative Business Processes and Procedures, Franchise Strategist, Franchise Coordinator and Innovative Channel Service Coordinator

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