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Golden Era in Advancements in IVR and AVR Tech Applications in 2024.

Golden Era in Advancements in IVR and AVR Tech Applications in 2024.

Written by Xiomara - Margie - Overman

CEO from ActiV International Trade Services C.V.

CEO from ActiV Business Development Services

“For Sales Department click on 2, for Finance Department click 3” sounds familiar to you?

The IVR and AVR technology that handles the inbound and outbound calls in a company has seen multiple advancements in the last 4 years.

However, to imitate a warm human voice is always a challenge to handle specific customer requests.

The AVR tech which stands for Automated Voice Response offered by several Tech companies are the most used Linguistic Softwares chosen to categorize each Phone Call in a company with the possibility to record each call from each customer.

Some customers don't like to record their message, because they aren’t sure their call will receive the needed attention.

That’s why a planned follow up system and Service Desk Center are the backbone in every organization.

The human voice and warm tone is always a challenge by using Automated Responding Software instead of recording a real voice message in the AVR system for inbound calls.

The use of Voice Assistants applications, which is one component in the AI technology, is a tool that is very important for Vision impaired collaborators that I will write a specific article about it and publish it in the next few weeks .

That’s why the use of IVR for inbound calls instead of AVR has interesting advancements worth to take time and explore the possibilities.

The IVR acronym stands for Interactive Voice Response Tech which is a real timesaver used in a responsive way.

It helps to have a result oriented approach with each call.

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Bio: Xiomara (Margie) Overman is a System Automation Strategist specialized in Business Operations and Procedures.

She is a Motivational Speaker and Business Advisor.

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