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Business Trends emerging in 2020

The last 6 Months have been very challenging times and has stirred up Trends that are expected to rise in 2020

Doing Business has changed drastically for businesses in all Industries.

The Supply Chain Industry had a Domino Effect which makes Crisis Management an essential part of any Strategy in 2020

However, what we have seen is also an interesting change in Business Approach with Emerging Business Opportunities

Some Business Opportunities I would like to focus on this week are:

  • Health Devices which were on the rise in 2019 are more in demand now

  • Health Care has changed drastically with new Business Opportunities that we could see in April 2020

  • Supply Chain Industry with new Opportunities since February 2020

  • E-Businesses has grown in Impact and are expanding in approach and reach

  • Customer Experience has changed and it's more essential than before

  • Customer Expectations are higher than before

  • Creativity is essential to surprise Your Customers that have different needs when coming out of the quarantine

Take the mentioned Emerging Opportunities in consideration.

Author: Xiomara Overman - Firma specializes in Online Strategic Implementation from Business Systems - International Speaker

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