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Customer Journey Map - The Road-map to Success

Written by Xiomara (Margie) Overman - Firma

Recently has been many articles online about Customer Conversion however the Customer Journey there aren't many Articles about it and the importance to work on the Customer Journey that eventually guides to a Customer Conversion

A Quote that is what triggers action is this quote from Laura Ashley "We don't want to push our ideas on to customers, we simply want to make what they want." Laura Ashley

The Question that naturally follows is, "Do you know or have what the Customer want?"

That's why have a Customer Journey Map is essential to not only make something that solves a specific problem, but also know if the Customer "wants"what you've created.

The Customer Journey Map helps You to not only guide Your Customer through the buying process, but also helps You to create a process that goes naturally to Customer Conversion

A Customer Journey Map is essential to work on this Process First before You create a Marketing and Sales Process.

It's not only about Strategy, but also about Tactics based on Geographic area, Payment Facilities, Culture among the many Factors that are essential to have a Customer Journey Map with a Process that certainly makes sense not only for Your Company, but also for Your Marketing and Sales Department

The Most important question of all is how to create a Customer Journey Map?

What do I need to focus on?

Which are the 6 Essential Steps to take to focus on by creating a Customer Journey Map for Your Business?

  • Step 1: The Customer Persona : characteristics that Your ideal Customer has, is the first Step to take.

  • Step 2: Paint Points: Which are the Pain Points you're solving with Your Product?

  • Step 3: Which are the Phases of the Purchasing Journey: Brainstorm with your Departments and create a final Purchase Process

  • Step 4: Touch-points: which are the Touch-points You will build on in the Purchase Process

  • Step 5: Which are the Customer Thoughts and Actions that you're able to identify while working on the Purchase Process

  • Step 6: Customer Emotional Journey: what triggers the interest from the Customer?Which are the challenges the Customer goes through and where in the Purchase Process needs to have additional Touch-points in order for the Customer to continue in the Purchase Process?

Each question mention during each Step mentioned in this Article are critical in order to have a Road-map that eventually leads to Customer Conversion.

Would you like a Consultation in order to help You build a Customer Road-map that is Functional and Applicable for Your marketing and Sales Department?

Send a Whatsapp Message to +5999 6973095 so we could arrange a 15 min Introduction to help you further.

Written by Xiomara Overman - Firma, International Business Advisor, International Franchise Consultant, International Franchise Coordinator and Motivational Speaker.

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