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Biodegradable Fabric is a growing Trend in 2023

Biodegradable Fabric is a growing Sustainable Trend in 2023

Author: Xiomara Overman, CEO from ActiV International Trade Services C.V.

The Textile Industry is going through a transition in searching for options for fibers in the ocean

I came across interesting information about the use of Seaweed to create biodegradable fibers.

Seaweed has many benefits especially for creating Children swimwear and is currently used in T-Shirts and sleepwear.

Some of the benefits are that it contains calcium and Vitamin E including anti-inflammatory benefits for the skin of the wearer.

This year during the Fashion Business Summit we have the Fashion Professional, Christopher Nathan, CEO from Coco Velvet International who will give a Workshop and presentation about Sustainable Fashion.

Christopher Nathan is currently conducting doctoral research for a Ph.D. in Circular Design and 

Sustainable Apparel Manufacturing while developing an industrial standard for Sustainable 

Garment Manufacturing for the Trinidad & Tobago Bureau of Standards; the Standard will be the 

first of its kind.

Coco Velvet International won the Ethical Finance Sustainable Fashion Specialists 2023 Award for its TTBS Sustainable Garment Manufacturing Industrial Standard Proposal.

We are excited to have Christopher Nathan as one of our Fashion Professionals to give Workshop and as a Panelist on our Expert Panel at the Fashion Business Summit! 


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We look forward to welcoming You at the Fashion Business Summit!

Author: Xiomara Overman is specialized in Business Operations and Franchise Business Development

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